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Updated: Nov 24, 2023

A crush is a powerful little vial of pure feeling…the longing, the push and pull. Oh, the yearning!

“A crush that goes nowhere can still be a pleasure unto itself. It's a luxuriously inefficient experience, which is rare in today's goal-oriented dating world. Brief moments when the other person feels just out of reach, mysterious or distant in some way, keep partners longing for each other, and make it more meaningful when loving attention or presence is returned.

A crush is beautiful because it's a little unrealistic, because you see the very best in someone even when they're flawed. One might argue that even a casual crush is a bit selfish-a way to project positive qualities onto someone, and to get the glowy excitement that comes with that, without really seeing them in all of their difficult complexity.” ~Excerpt by Faith Hill / The Atlantic

Stay gracious,

Linda Joy Mattson, Author


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