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Technology can 

bridge communication,

there should be no issue

over a far reaching location.

While you are away from me,

my mind stays with you, 

that’s where it wants to be.

Online love can feel so real,

meeting virtually can be ideal.

Exchanging words via the internet,

can foster and build relationships.

Discovering similar interests,

can certainly close the distance.

So yes, it is possible to fall in love,

with someone you’ve never met,

especially via the internet.

Just appreciate when love happens,

in its many ways, and various circumstances.


Let your heart forever be,

in nature amongst the trees.

Take a path and truly breathe,

let your mind wander and dream.

If you’re feeling a heavy load,

your anxiety about to explode,

be surrounded in the color green,

find yourself a tree, and just lean.

mockup 03_edited_edited_edited.jpg

People come into our lives 

for various reasons,

enjoyment of company,

no matter the seasons.

People also depart,

grab something, then go,

taking along memories,

and a bit of our souls.

Of all that we hold inside,

in our hearts, and in our minds,

are images of those we love,

always there, forever enshrined.


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