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What readers are saying about The Rose & Prose

“Dear Linda, I just received your book...I decided to start reading and then I couldn't stop, your words are very powerful, filled with passion and hope and understanding! You have given me a sense of "maybe I can go this way to experience an online love"... I've had the chance but always backed away. The rose/floral pictures are beautiful and stay true to love in it's reality of love here and now, and fleeting as time goes by. They fade, but there is another that continues to give life and beauty...and so life and love goes on filled with hope. Thank you for asking me to do this...not something I do, but your persistence paid off! I LOVE IT.. and, I will reread it many times I'm sure! Thank you so much!” 

Your friend and admirer,

Barbara J Mathison | Eagle, Idaho

Barbara J Mathison, CHC, FFL (RETIRED but still active in life)
Food for Life Certified Instructor with
Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition, T. Colin Campbell Foundation
Certified Health Coach, The Wellness Coaching Institute

"Excellent! An easy book to read! Instead of blasting through, I read and re-read certain poems that made you think and ponder how the words resonate with your life and my life. I would find one poem that really hit home and then later read a new page that became my favorite. You started out purposely with the virtual love affair, middle section really showed your vulnerability, and then finished with the joys of living. Great book!"

Fred Pascoe | Branch Manager

“This was truly an enjoyable little read…..the emotions and feelings of the author transcends the pages, and it let's you experience what she has! The beautiful rose pictures are an added bonus, and a testament to the author’s photography talent. An absolutely, lovely book!”

~Valerie Hennessey, St. George, Utah

“Linda, I thoroughly enjoyed your book, and your photos look great! I am passionate about all flowers, especially roses. Your collection of poems invites contemplation and recognition of shared experiences and vulnerabilities within ourselves through social networking. Love can happen if we put ourselves out there, but are we willing to deal with the thorns while waiting for the roses to bloom? You are right, life is too short, so keep going!"
~G.S., St. George, Utah

“The idea of “virtual love” aroused my curiosity. As I began reading this story, a surprising emotional landscape unfolded that was so disarming it dissolved my preconceived prejudices regarding this topic. The author boldly expresses her “virtual” love commanding a respect for a taboo topic - bringing it out into the daylight with no apologizes!”                                                                   Tim C. , Detroit, Mi

“What a truly genuine love story spoken from the heart in fascinating poetry form of a virtual love that is so pure.” 

~JC / homesbyjc, St. George, Utah

“When I first heard of your rose project, I wasn't sure it would be possible to fill up an entire book, but you have proven that it's more than possible! I'm so enthralled by the variety of roses and their many moods. I find that I'm most affected by the closeup shots…..they seem to draw me into their mysterious folds and hidden depths.” 

~Robert R., Utah

“In The Rose & Prose, the multi-talented Ms. Mattson deftly pairs her stunning photographs of roses with her heartfelt prose - expressing yearnings of love and loss, ultimately culminating in peace ~ formed through the path of acceptance and resolution. Her descriptions of deeply felt emotions, that can spring even between those who are separated by half the globe, are apt and impassioned."

~Jenn Y., California

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book…it truly filled my heart! As a hopeless romantic, I found this beautifully written story in a poetic style, to be a great way to capture gentle, loving feelings. I am absolutely amazed!”
~Bri, Utah

“What a pleasure it was to receive a copy of your book! My wife and I are taking our time going through the poems and the beautiful images. With the reading of your book, and as assorted feelings percolate to the surface, it is best enjoyed later in the evening after a couple of glasses of wine!"

At first glance……your poetry along with the sensuous images is a winning combination. There is something so rich about images of roses; their mere sight can bring out a flood of emotions, so they provide a beautiful juxtaposition with your poetry. We were somehow reminded of the posters advertising the movie American Beauty. There are a few images that remind us of the sensuous flower paintings by Georgia O'Keefe. Well worth savoring! Thanks so much for sharing!”

~Larry and Linda, Cedar City, Utah

“Perhaps in the spirit of the troubadours of the courtly love tradition of medieval times, the author has combined lovely images of roses and poetic or prose expressions of ideal love.  She writes of a hidden love for a real person whom she has not met, but loves deeply. The current setting is the internet, rather than the nobility’s courts.”

This small volume is a lovely collection of  images of roses and heartfelt poetry/prose.”             

~ JD. St George, UT

“Heartfelt and inspiring. The words coming directly from the soul of this writer, will remind you time and again of what love really is, and what it can be.”
~Edward B., St. George, Utah

“Ms. Mattson uses her beautiful photography and insightful poems to invite us to witness her virtual love story. Pour a cup of tea or glass of wine and revisit your own love stories, too!”                                                    

~Gail B., Utah

“The Rose & Prose is a beautiful love story. It makes one cheer for this virtual love, and at the same time, makes your heart ache. As part of her journey, the author has included amazing photographs of roses that brighten each page, and are coffee table worthy.”       

~Tanya P., Utah

“MAGNIFICENT!” ~Amy Dresselhaus, St. George, Utah

“I found your book to be very enjoyable, riveting and enlightening! I initially approached “virtual love” with some skepticism. As I read deeper into the book, all of a sudden I found myself immersed and captivated by your virtual love story, unable to put it down!  Love is very fragile. Is it really possible to fall in love with someone you have never physically met? Should distance really be a deterrent….after all the world is much smaller due to the many forms of communication that never existed years ago. Is virtual love a real love? While it’s certainly complicated, I now believe it can be real. At the same time, it can be painful unless both partners can agree to take it to another level. Of all the powers in life, love is the most powerful, and the most powerless.” 

~Dennis Harris/ CEO/T-LOCK/Provo, Utah

“What makes this story fascinating is that the author has the (unabashed) courage to show herself…..thus revealing the human spirit in all of us. I found this sensitive love story to be a page turner! “                

~B. Allen, San Francisco

“Oh, how I love this book! From the tender and soulful story to the beautiful photographs of roses, this book stays out and opened on my table. It brings a beautiful vibe, and it’s a great conversation piece for all of my company!”

~Kimberly Davis Francis, Utah

“Loved the book! It was truly written from the heart of an absolutely beautiful human being!”

~ Shari V., Utah

“What a beautiful book of poems and encouraging words for daily use.  I have enjoyed the pictures of Roses and the beauty of them. Poems and Roses compliment each other, and the author has been able to create a beautiful uplifting book!”                             ~Cara S., Utah

“Joy is an appropriate middle name for the author. Throughout the first half of the book, the reader cannot help but hope for the classic happy ending. We must be grateful that the author invited us on her journey of love, hope, joy, and a meaningful life.”

~Rose Marie D., Utah

“The pictures of the roses are absolutely beautiful! The authors experience so willingly revealed the love and heartbreak in virtuality. I was convinced by her words and how she was feeling while reading each poem. It was a beautiful experience.”

 ~Taralee G., St. George, Utah

“Linda…I must tell you how much your book affected me. It was a close parallel to my mother’s life. I could hear her voice in your words, and it eerily gave me a glimpse of her artistic and poetic heart. And, she loved all things floral, especially roses. In many ways, my mother was a maverick. For several decades she spent her life on a long distance love. There was no internet back then, so it played out by mail, and to those of us on the outside, we only saw a hopeless story. Forever the romantic, my mother did not. In the end, aged wisdom took hold, and she found a way to let it go. The feelings evoked by some of your verses were feelings that I know she felt. Thank you for letting me hear her voice again.”

~Leslie M., Utah

“This book filled my heart so deeply!! The story is so beautifully written… I felt like I was right there watching a love story happen! The illustrations and the poetry are beyond anything that I have ever read. I will be reading this again and again!”

~Melissa V., St. George, Utah

“For as long as I have known the author, she has cared for the most beautiful rose garden. Such a delightful vision on each page! The photography of these roses depicts her love of nature in so many ways, displaying the richness of colors, as well as the play of light and shadow. The author reveals herself authentically as she describes each thought with honesty of feeling, and captures each moment with poignancy and wonder! Thank you for the opportunity to share your journey, Linda….it was an honor!”

~Nan G., Utah 

“The author takes you along on her personal journey where you experience all the ups and downs of a virtual relationship. Her compelling words tell the story of her struggles as she maneuvers through the challenges involved in opening your heart to someone you haven’t met face to face. The Rose & Prose is beautifully written, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the beauty in both words and photographs.”

~Ellen B., Utah

What readers are saying about Peaceful Prose

“This book should be a part of everyone's daily living. It's simplistic in nature yet it says so much. No matter where you think your life is headed, this book will speak to your heart, fill your spirit with hope and guide your journey the rest of the way. The photos are a perfect compliment to each and every message this talented author conveys. You'll want to be where she wants you to go. It's a real masterpiece, and her very best.”

~Eddie B., Utah

“I read Peaceful Prose from cover to cover, then started reading it all over again! I love how you matched the beautiful pictures with your corresponding words. I will add this book to my daily mindfulness meditation, because I can always use more peace.”

~Gail B., Utah

“What a lovely book of beautiful photographs! It's so good for the soul to immerse oneself in your poetic words of Love and Peace, especially in these crazy times! Nature is my sanctuary, too!”

~Vicki M., Boise, Idaho

Peaceful woman bookcover

“Such lovely images and exhortations on the beauty and protection of nature! The author invites her readers to “live harmoniously on Earth’s beautiful green space.” 

~JD, Montana 

Linda….. you have done a spectacular job on your second book! You have a unique ability of expression that is clear, creative and straight from the heart.  Your photography showcases your prose beautifully. Peaceful Prose has it all- and the result is just lovely. I am delighted to be part of the journey - thank you for including me!”

~Jennifer Guter, Reflections Design & Print

“I was so amazed at your ability to turn each page into a new adventure, and how fresh and original your observations and feelings were…you truly have a gift!”

~RD, Utah

“Linda…your photography is breathtaking, especially your sunsets and sunrises! l love your technique on many of the landscape shots where you use the full range of foreground and background images to pull the viewer into the scenery. I think your books are wonderful, and I admire you so much for putting them out there. Your poems are motivational…and I have made a start at getting out and about in Nature more often. I know how important this is for inner balance and peace in our lives. How nice it is to be reminded.” 

~Larry and Linda, Cedar City 

“In PEACEFUL PROSE, the author’s poetic insights are simple, yet affirming, and show how fostering deeper connections to nature can bring about inner peace in ways we might not realize. I will read, and reread this lovely book for a daily boost as I walk my own path to peace!”

~Carwen G., Tacoma, Washington

"The author presents a breathtaking glimpse of nature and adventures of the heart on every page. Her love of nature is sincere, comforting and challenges the reader to join her in an ever evolving search for inner peace."

~Rose Marie, Utah

“In PEACEFUL PROSE, the author writes beautiful poetic verse on her connection to nature, and of her reflections on peace. A lovely coffee table book filled with wonderful images…one that I will re-read and treasure!”

~Hannah D., Utah

“What a lovely collection of images and heartfelt words! The author’s message reminds us that contentment can be achieved if we just spend more time surrounded by nature. May we all hope to achieve the inner peace that the author conveys in PEACEFUL PROSE. An inspirational read, to be sure!”  

~Cynthia P., Utah 

What readers are saying about The Rose & Prose

What readers are saying about Souls in Prose

“The poetic verse of SOULS IN PROSE will cause the reader to reevaluate his or her conception of soulful love in all its forms. The author’s thoughts stay positive, yet provoke, revealing a strong sense and openness to spirituality, and how it can affect the whole of our lives.”

~Kathy S., Laguna Beach, California 

“In her third publication, SOULS IN PROSE, the author reveals herself as a pioneer in creating a new classification of love in a digital era. While navigating a virtual landscape, she writes poetically of an unrequited love that continues to remain emblazed in her heart and soul. Building soul connections in the digital world can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it is not exactly without thorns.” 

~Rose D., St. George, Utah

"The author of Souls in Prose offers the reader a glimpse into the sensitive, insightful heart-ponderings of a life lived with arms wide open to any and every nuance.  Pain, joy, wonder, loss, longing, and the deep questions that unfold before us all are sensitively explored and beautifully expressed."

~ Jennifer G., St. George Utah

“In SOULS IN PROSE, the author reveals and shares her truth, poem by poem, that love is both human and spiritual. Her writing is insightful and empowering. I recognize my own truth in her words, "You are here for such a short time, so love, live in peace, and be kind.”

~ Gail B., Utah

“SOULS IN PROSE is a heartfelt expression of soulful love. It is a simple and honest portrayal of the connections that bind us to others in a more spiritual light. Written beautifully and creatively in a poetic fashion, it is an easy and very refreshing read.” ~Sarah S., Mission Bay, Ca

“What a beautiful, poetic testament to a souls journey! A strong spiritual connection is one of the most profound and significant bonds we can experience. Those of us who choose a spiritual process will be able to relate to the author’s motivating words. Great read!”~Michael C., Newport Beach, Calif.


“In SOULS IN PROSE, the author’s beautiful, poetic expression shows her ‘no holds barred’ vulnerabilities, true feelings, thoughts, fears and desires. Her belief of soulful love and true intimacy will leave you with no doubt that we can all feel deeply connected to others, romantically or otherwise, beyond a physical bond. A lovely, emotional read!” 

~Jerry P., Newport Heights, CA


“In SOULS IN PROSE you will experience the author’s emotions and feelings as she explores the intricacy of the human soul. Her words resonated with me page after page! What a beautiful, uplifting book!” ~Mary S., Aptos, Calif


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