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Updated: Nov 24, 2023

When I think about all that I have accomplished over the years, I cannot imagine having my life always planned out, and how much of an imposition that would be. I believe, as long as there is a certain amount of creativity filtering into our lives, it gives us another perspective….and it allows us time to breathe. My true reality is nature. I think the big thing for me is making a habit of spending regular time outdoors, walking, riding, and photographing nature. As a photographer, capturing images of my beautiful surroundings and writing about it provides a line of connection that allows me to tell a story, and it gives me a peaceful feeling that I naturally belong there. And with that being said… second publication, PEACEFUL PROSE was created! There is much to be said about inner peace, nature’s peace, and world peace. With the years that I have left, I believe staying connected to nature, and being at peace, is a much more enriching and rewarding way to live. And, If only humanity could embrace this optimal functioning of the mind….can you just imagine what a better world this would bring?

Stay gracious,

Linda Joy Mattson, Author (rosemattjoy)

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