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Letting Go Of A Relationship That Doesn’t Exist…..

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Since taking my virtual ride, I’ve come to ask the question……:How do I let go of a one-sided attraction, and a relationship that doesn’t exist?

The issue here isn’t really about ‘him’ (or her), as they’re not really part of the equation when you’ve created an illusion rather than keeping your feet in the real world. The issue is about you not wanting to let go of your feelings, your obsession, your drama.

For a start, you can’t ‘break up’ when there isn’t a relationship to break up from. The only person you have to break up with is you (and your overactive imagination and feelings).

If you spend your time, energy, effort and emotion wanting people that don’t want you, and then obsessing about why they don’t want you, your life will be at a standstill. At some point, you will have to commit to being in the real world.

When you let go of a relationship that doesn’t and didn’t exist, you have that power and are in the driving seat of what happens to you. Don’t make out like (s)he has to do something to end this. It’s you that needs to take the step. By bringing you back to the real world and gradually rejecting the fantasy, you will gain perspective. You will get to the heart of why you are engaging in this self-destructive behaviour so that you don’t go back. You will heal. (Excerpts from Natalie Lue/Baggage Reclaim)

Stay gracious,

Linda Joy Mattson, Author (rosemattjoy)

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