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An Overflowing Heart and Soul

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Can you relate?…….I believe that some of us were just born tender-hearted. As a kid I was shy, and could be brought easily to tears just by watching a commercial on TV! There were times in my youth where I would have to walk away from a sad or difficult situation so as not to be confronted about my emotions. My heart would just overflow. It still does, especially when I get overwhelmed by incredible views of nature, or the beauty of my surroundings! Even in my maturity, I may appear composed on the outside, but inside, I’m a real softie!

The following hit a chord with me…an excerpt from an article written by a Christine Organ on the topic of overwhelming hearts…

“We are constantly confronted with a raw humanity that is laid bare and shoved into our hearts, pushed into every nook and cranny of our souls. We are asked to deal with so much death and struggle, fear and insecurities, misfortunes and misdeeds while at the same time we are given so much love and compassion, kindness and forgiveness, mercy and tenderness that our hearts cannot be expected to contain it all.”

“But, quite frankly, I’m not sure that I’d want to live any other way. Because an unprotected and overflowing heart is one in which grace can come pouring out in tidal waves of gratitude and kindness, appreciation and connection, generosity and compassion. Maybe the world needs just a little more of that.”

Stay gracious,

Linda Joy Mattson, Author (rosemattjoy)

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